African Mango Secrets

African Mango Helps You Lose Weight and Burn Fat

African mango has been a popular choice in the struggle against obesity for over 200 years in its native Africa. Though it has only recently been introduced in America, it is showing great promise in the field of weight loss and overall health. Clinical tests have proven it to be potent, efficient, and one of the safest and most natural weight loss products available today.

The African mango comes from a tree that grows in or around Cameroon in Africa. It has been proven to be a successful and non harmful way of fighting obesity and other illnesses that are associated with being overweight. Its extraordinary appetite suppression is one of the reasons it serves so well in this capacity.

African Mango Increase Your Energy Levels

African Mango also increases the body’s production of Adiponectin which is a hormone that provides many benefits when it is present in large quantities. In addition to controlling the absorption of sugars, Adiponectin increases the body’s rate of metabolism. Adiponectin can reduce the likelihood of developing heart disease by preventing the inflammation of blood vessels and by raising levels of good cholesterol.

It also changes food calories into energy instead of stored fat. So, you can reap many benefits including having a healthier heart, improved circulation, more energy, more good and less bad cholesterol, and a slimmer body.

African Mango Suppresses Your Appetite

Not only does it promote good cholesterol, but it can eradicate bad cholesterol. African mango has a high soluble fiber content which is instrumental in eliminating bad cholesterol from the body and also fats and toxic materials from the walls of the colon.

It has also been shown through results of clinical trials and tests that it suppresses the hormones that regulate hunger and the feeling of fullness by increasing production of leptin. Obese people will feel hungry most of the time because they have low levels of leptin.

African Mango Research

Recent research and studies of the benefits of using African mango, suggest that the extract aids the body in breaking down fat cells at an increased speed. This rate is considered significant when compared to the fat cell reduction pace experienced with the practice of diet and exercise alone. Studies indicate that African mango also slows down the growth of fat cells, which assists users of the supplement maintain their weight loss results long term.

Many of the participants in these studies also touted significant increases in their metabolism rates. Some study participants bodies showed a drastic reduction in carbohydrate absorption into their metabolic systems. African mango has been proven to have a high level of fiber contained in it, and helps the body naturally cleanse itself of toxins, which can influence weight loss levels.

Results likes these, is what has caused off-season athletes to become firm believers in the miracles of African mango’s weight loss power to help shed pounds quickly. Individuals such as these need to maintain and store massive energy. Seasonally they often must over consume complex carbohydrates, which can cause unwanted pounds to remain once their tasks are achieved.

Diet and Exercise Alone Are Not Enough

Millions of people have difficulty maintaining their weight in attempts to stave off the curse of obesity. Unfortunately, this is not an easy task, and for people that are already considered overweight, losing it is even more trying.

Diet and exercise are not always enough, but they are certainly one of the most beneficial supplements to any weight loss routine. Sometimes, genetics and body structure just do not benefit weight loss attempts, no matter how hard one tries.

Other factors not related to poor diet or lack of exercise that may cause problems with weight loss, are stress and vitamin deficiencies. Stress causes the body to build up a chemical called cortisol, which increases fat stored in the stomach region. Vitamin deficiencies do not allow the body to heal properly when stressed, and actually slow down the body’s digestive process and causes energy levels to be decreased.

African mango, also known as Irvingia Gabonesis, has taken the world of dieting by surprise, with one success story after another. Even America’s favorite doctor swears that African mango is a “miracle” in the realm of weight loss assistance products. Recently on his show, he touted this natural extract as a must have accessory in any dieter’s medicine cabinet.

Why Should You Try African Mango Now?

African Mango has been proven to control the appetite, consume fat and raise metabolism, and regulate the hormone leptin. It is also deemed to be safe and effective more so than any other weight loss products. All of these are convincing reasons why you should give African Mango a try.


What is African Mango Extract?

African Mango Extract Helps You Lose Weight Fast

African Mango Extract is new revolutionary weight loss supplement. Millions of Americans, especially African Americans have trouble maintaining their weight, even when they are eating sensibly and performing moderate exercise regularly. People’s bodies differ and they may struggle with weight loss for a variety of reasons. Stress, poor diet, vitamin deficiencies, and lack of exercise are only a few reasons so many people put on weight. The great effort required to shed those excess pounds may be enhanced by the use of African Mango Extract.

The West African tree that produces the seed bearing fruit from which the African Mango Extract collected is Irvingia Gabonensis, which is locally referred to as African mango. Recommended by America’s top medical doctor on his talk show as, “a miracle in your medicine cabinet,” African mango extract has been taking the dieters world by storm.

African Mango Extract Breaks Down Fat Cells

Research suggests that African Mango Extract assists the body in the breaking down of fat cells at an increased rate, slowing their growth, and increasing success in weight loss. There are additional benefits afforded users of African mango extract that are useful in losing weight. The extract has a tendency to increase the level of Leptin, a natural chemical that signals the brain, telling it that the body is not hungry. This increase in Leptin levels acts as a natural appetite suppressant.

African Mango Extract Lowers Cholesterol

African Mango Extract has high levels of soluble fiber content, which helps cleanse the body, acting as a natural laxative. Irvingia gabonesis’ fiber benefits not only assist with weight loss, but also may alter cholesterol, lowering ‘bad cholesterol’ and increasing levels of ‘good cholesterol’.

African Mango Extract Flushes Toxins!

African Mango Extract has also been known to help rid the body of harmful toxins that have accumulated throughout the years. Chemicals have numerous ways of entering the human body, which we will, over time, lose the capability to flush them out of our system on our own. African Mango Extract helps speed up the process of eliminating harmful toxins, which is the main reason it is so effective in helping us to lose weight. The human body is not designed to carry those harmful chemicals around, and there are many things that we put into our bodies that our bodies have never seen before.


It doesn’t know what to do with them, so they end up getting stuck somewhere along the way. The result of these toxins becoming stuck somewhere in the body is potential weight gain and the possibility for any number of health issues. This is why, with any good diet program, some form of detoxification should be included. The detox program is typically a separate program, which means it needs to be completed before any actual weight loss takes place. But with African Mango Extract, the program for detoxification is a natural part of the weight loss program!

African Mango Extract Increases Metabolism

In addition to those interested in weight loss, African Mango Extract has become popular with athletes whom consume an excess of complex carbohydrates during training. Irvingia gabonesis has been touted as a substance that assists with the breaking down of carbohydrates and increasing metabolism. Increasing metabolic rates is significantly important to those seeking to shed excess pounds, and African mango extract may be the solution for both athletes and dieters.

All natural African Mango Extract has been shown to help increase the speed of weight loss by breaking down fat cells, reducing carbohydrate absorption, and increasing metabolism in users.


African Pure Mango Really Works

There are many products on the market today that claim to burn fat, increase energy, and help you lose weight. Some of them do not deliver on that promise and some are drugs that have dangerous side effects. African pure mango is natural and is a good way to jumpstart a weight loss regimen.

What is African Pure Mango?

African mango has only recently been available in the United States but its popularity is growing rapidly. That is because it is natural, safe, and effective. It helps with weight loss and also provides other healthy benefits. It has no side effects and can safely be consumed with any food or supplement.

It comes from the area around Cameroon in Africa and is used by people there for its medicinal value. African pure mango supplements are used mostly for weight loss and they are so effective and provide so many nutrients, that some have called the way they work a miracle.

Benefits of African Pure Mango

One benefit of African mango is its ability to burn fat and it does this by quickly breaking down fat cells. It also decreases their rate of growth which will help ensure loss of weight and help keep it off for the long term.

Another benefit of African pure mango is it suppresses your appetite. Your brain makes leptin, which is a hormone, and it sends a signal to the brain when your body is no longer hungry. As the level of leptin falls, you feel hungry. African Mango contains leptin, so it increases leptin levels and your appetite will be suppressed.

It also increases your energy and vitality. Since it is high in fiber, it will help your body rid itself of toxins that can sap your energy and cause disease. Having toxins in your body can affect the rate and amount of weight loss. One reason many diet plans do not work is people feel fatigued and eat to get more energy.

African Pure Mango raises metabolism

African pure mango causes your body to make more of the hormone adiponectin. This hormone raises metabolism and regulates the way sugars are absorbed by your body. This lessens the risk of cardiovascular problems, partly because it keeps blood vessels from becoming inflamed.

Another thing is it fights obesity-related diseases and conditions. It will help lower cholesterol levels as much as 39 percent and raise the amount of good cholesterol while lowering the amount of bad cholesterol. It will also regulate blood sugar levels in the blood.

If you are trying to shed some pounds, consider buying African mango supplements. They will naturally burn fat, increase your metabolism, and help you lose weight. If you are ready to reach your weight loss goals, get African pure mango supplements today.


African Mango Nutrition Facts

Many people are struggling with weight issues such as obesity or the need to just lose a few pounds. Recently uncovered African Mango nutrition facts have shown it has several benefits to help people meet their weight-loss goals. From the western coast of the rain forests, the African Mango is a newly discovered food to most of the world, but the native villagers have long used it for its positive medicinal properties. Now it has come on the health and wellness scene as an aid to weight loss, and is helping countless people in their fight against fat.

When the body has had enough to eat, the brain produces a hormone called leptin. By the same token, when the blood levels of leptin drop, as is especially the case with someone following a diet plan, you begin to feel very hungry, which as we know, can sabotage the best of intentions or weight loss program. Leptin is a very powerful substance that prompts us to eat more and store fat for a time of need. Because it contains a high degree of leptin, the African mango suppresses the appetite by increasing the amount of leptin in the blood, making the body feel satisfied that enough food has been eaten.

This tropical fruit is also said to speed up the metabolism and increase energy, combating the fatigue of dieting or carrying too much body fat. Therefore, with metabolism and energy increased, an individual would naturally want to be more active and get more exercise without the accompanying tired feeling that plagues so many.

More than just a diet aid, the African Mango also offers other good nutritional benefits such as lowering cholesterol–sometimes as much as 39%–regulating blood sugar levels, and helping the body cleanse itself with its high fiber content.

Since the leptin-rich fruit regulates the appetite so effectively, eating smaller meals within a well-balanced diet would be easier, and food cravings a thing of the past.

No side effects have been uncovered with the use of the African mango, and it has not been shown to adversely interact with other supplements. The mango has been the subject of extensive studies over at least two decades and has never been connected to any detrimental effects regarding health, nutrition or interacting with prescription medications.

While scientists and those who have taken part in studies are satisfied with its safety, anyone wanting to try African mango should check with their physician for facts if they have any questions about how African Mango nutrition can sync with their own medical plan.


African Cooking: Health Benefits of Garlic

Eat food that is spiced up with too much garlic, and you will acquire the ability to simultaneously discourage women, ward off vampires, and attract Italians. Garlic is a species of onion that has been used as a seasoning in Europe, Africa, and Asia for more than 7,000 years. In addition to its culinary value, it is said of garlic that the eater will enjoy seemingly miraculous health benefits. As you might expect, with such a wide geographic source, there are several species, subspecies, and varieties of garlic, each of which will impart different taste, potency, and differing health benefits. Do a web search to find the variety that interests you.

Plant garlic cloves on the perimeter of your vegetable or flower garden. The odor of the mature garlic plant will ward off plant-damaging rabbits and moles. Have you ever seen a female vampire mole in your garden? Me neither. I planted garlic in my vegetable garden. Eighty-one percent of the world’s garlic is grown in China. In the United States, garlic is grown successfully in every state, with the exception of Alaska. Many Americans have rediscovered the use of concentrated garlic as a palliative therapy. Long before there was a pharmaceutical industry, tribal people used herbs and other plant-based substances to treat illnesses and injuries. Information about those natural remedies that were considered to have worked was passed to succeeding generations of the tribe and to other tribes as trade relations and travel connections were established. Wild garlic was one of those curative herbs. It was used to manage indigestion, to relieve pain, and to reduce both physical and mental stress. By the way, I am a writer, not a doctor. Consult with your doctor about your idea of adding garlic to your diet in a higher than food seasoning dosage.

I can attest to the warding off qualities of garlic. Years ago, I traveled to San Francisco with three colleagues on a business trip. After business was conducted, our host treated us to dinner at a unique restaurant called “The Stinking Rose.” Every item on the menu, including the dessert menu, was laced with garlic, and quite a lot of garlic in most instances. Let me tell you, on the following evening, four dudes with garlic oozing from their sweat pores sat in a center row of an east-bound airline flight, and this was a powerful thing! People as far a four rows back and four rows forward of us complained of a horrid odor. Some requested to be re-seated. Flight attendants held their noses and glared at us as they passed our row. I arrived home, where my wife opened the door to greet me. Within six feet of wrapping her arms about me, she stopped, reversed course and squealed, “What did you eat!” I had to sleep in the guest room for three nights while the garlic worked through my system. Worse than that, I dreamed that my wife was a female vampire rabbit!

“Goodnight Paige,”

Tony is a writer, an author of several published novels, and an independent publisher. In September 2012, he wrote and published the first of a three-book drama series, “A Voice from New Mill Creek: The Methodists,” as an e-book. Other books: “How Tony Wrote and Published Two Novels.” and “The Star of India, “the second novel in the Voice From New Mill Creek drama series.

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