LifestyleAfrica.org is dedicated to promoting healthy living in Africa. The great majority of us Africans are living “dangerously.” We are eating dangerous diets, exercising less and less, and we are exposed to more and more toxins without even knowing it…

As I write this in Nigeria there has been an outcry over so-called plastic rice, imported from China or other Asian country. The prediction is that by 2030 nearly half Africa’s population will suffer from high blood pressure.

Just recently I was diagnosed with pre-diabetes and high blood pressure myself and I’m in the process of implementing wide-ranging lifestyle changes. I’m going to have to be my own dietician, fitness coach, and a lot else. And that is the idea behind this website… to share all the information I gather along this difficult journey with the millions of other Africans who may be in a similar situation.

Africans shouldn’t die young, when so much remains to be done.

We welcome your input… in terms of support, content, any way you can help.

Namige Kayondo