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This program consists of two sessions designed to recruit overweight and obese participants into the program and seventeen “core” sessions devoted to guiding participants in making healthy lifestyle changes and 12 “post-core” sessions to facilitate maintenance of lifestyle changes.

Core sessions are designed to be delivered weekly or every other week. The program encourages participants to lose 7% of body weight and to increase physical activity to 150 minutes of moderate physical activity per week.

All sessions are video-based and interspersed with interactive activities to be facilitated by a community health worker. Each video has an accompanying session script with detailed instructions and verbal prompts for facilitators.

Participants receive a handbook with worksheets and other resources that are used during and between sessions. Sessions follow a standard format beginning with reflecting on the prior week’s topic and progress toward goals set in the previous sessions, new session content, and new goal-setting for the period before the next session.

Core sessions can be supplemented with a text-message system that sends daily messages that are relevant to the current session including reminders of key session content and motivational support. The core sessions are supplemented with monthly “post-core” sessions that are briefer and involve only the use of worksheets and CHW facilitated discussions.

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