Session 1: Introduction to Sivile Senza

Adaptations from the original DPP in this session include expanding the health focus from pre-diabetes to diabetes and cardiovascular disease, providing explanations about the nature of diabetes and high blood pressure, and explaining the 7% reduction goal in a non-quantitative manner. The method of identifying the participant’s weight goal has been simplified. The program also refers to the participant groups as clubs and the health coaches are referred to as community health workers. Encouragement to engage family members and the values exercise are additions to the program.

Session 1
Introduction to Sivile Senza

Learning objectives

At the end of Session 1, participants will:

 Know causes of stress

Know how to have less stress

Learn about action plans

Intro & Goals

In this session, participants are introduced to the program. They receive brief information about diabetes and high blood pressure and how excess weight and lack of physical activity is related to healthy eating, physical activity, and excess weight. The goals (7% weight loss, 150 minutes of moderate physical activity per week) and structure of the program are introduced.

Participants are informed that they will be asked to self-monitor their weight and physical activity from week to week. The roles and responsibilities of participants and community health workers in the program are reviewed. Participants are encouraged to explain their involvement in the program to their family and friends. A values exercise is conducted to explore how participants’ values relate to changing their lifestyle in order to become healthier. At the end of the session, participants are guided to identify their personal weight loss goal for the program and also taught to set specific, measurable goals for the following week.

Video information

Video Length: 31:31

Video Pause and Chats: 10

Handouts: Session 1 Remember Your Purpose

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