Session 8: Burn More Kilojoules than You Take in

Adaptations for this session includes the use of a points system to simplify tracking of consumption of kilojoules and a simplified food intake tracking tool. Hand-based methods of assessing food quantities are also provided to reduce the need for measuring spoons and cups. Specific examples of healthier alternatives to common food choices are provided. A brief discussion of artificial sweeteners is added.

Session 8
Burn More Kilojoules than You Take in

Learning objectives
At the end of Session 8, participants will:

Understand the link between kilojoules in and kilojoules burned

Understand how to use the Quick Tracker, Energy Points, and food log

Intro & Goals

In this session, participants learn about energy balance and that weight change relates to the relationship between kilojoules consumed and kilojoules burned through activity. Tips are provided for reducing the intake of kilojoules, and participants are taught how to track their intake of kilojoules using a simplified method. Participants are encouraged to use the various tools for guiding healthy food choices. Participants are asked to set a goal of using the food intake tracking tool before the next session.

Video information

Video Length: 34:26

Video Pause and Chats: 8

Handouts: Session 8 Handouts Track What You Eat

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