Session 3: Track Your Activity

Adaptations from the original DPP include explaining the value of tracking activity to aid in reaching the 150min activity goal using a culturally appropriate analogy (checking one’s electricity meter). An activity log was created that reduces the need for calculations, requires minimal writing, and includes activities that are culturally appropriate.

Session 3
Track Your Activity

learning objectives
at the end of Session 3, participants will:

Understand why it is important to track activity

Understand how to track activity

video script

In this session participants learn how being more active can make them healthier, improving the way they feel and lowering blood sugar and blood pressure. A role model story of a middle-aged, overweight man with diabetes is introduced.

This session includes guidance on finding ways to become more active, guidance on how to be active at a moderate pace, and help to problem-solve common barriers to being active. Information on how to exercise safely, including specific safety guidelines for individuals with diabetes, is provided. The session ends with a goal setting activity.

video information

Video Length: 18:25

Video Pause and Chats: 6

Handouts: None

CHW records participants: Session Log – Attendees Names

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