Stop Smoking Through Self Hypnosis

Many people find it impossible to stop smoking, no matter how much they tell themselves this is a negative habit to have. They often quit smoking, only to go back to it after a while. There are hundreds of drugs that claim to help you stop smoking – some are more effective, some have no effect whatsoever. However, an easier and healthier method is also available: quitting smoking through the use of self-hypnosis and mental concentration.

After a while smoking becomes a program that our mind continues to run. It is not your body requesting a cigarette – your mind is responsible for this process. By going straight to the source of this problem (your mind) you can obtain control over it. Otherwise, your attempts to quit smoking will only affect you on your conscious level, leaving the unconscious one free to reinitiate the desire to smoke.

Most of the times, the initial strong will that determines the conscious mind to say STOP is going to fade away, allowing your “smoking program” to come back even stronger than before. You are creating a whirlwind you will have less and less chances of escaping with the passing of time. After a while (months or years, depending on the individual) smoking becomes part of your mental processes, on the same level as breathing, eating, sleeping.

There are other good reasons to stop smoking for good, as it’s not only your health getting damaged in the process. By repetitively quitting and returning to smoking you will become aware of your weakness and low will power. This can lead to other psychological issues, such as depression and a very low self-esteem. A person experiencing this will cause himself/herself even more problems, becoming insecure and unwilling to take on important projects due to fear of failure.

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