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SMARTS e-Course Final Steps: Take Action & Conquer

Previously we saw how to refine your goal setting to ensure that you experience a daily flow of self-motivation. Now on to something straight out of physics… the law of inertia…

Once you learn how to confidently pursue your goals without fear, the law of inertia takes over, propelling you forward of its own accord. The law states that objects in motion tend to stay in motion.

You will experience a positive momentum in your life that is fueled by an upward spiral of action, one finished goal inspiring action to achieve the next. This is the only path to true happiness and success. You will gain the power you need to turn your life around…

“When you become willing to take responsibility for the conditions in your life, the good and the not so good, you gain the personal power necessary to change them” Jim Donovan

By now I’m sure you know a lot more about motivating yourself than that you did at the beginning of this course. But in the end it will always come down to applying the principles of success that you know in order to become successful…

Take action!

“There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure”. …Colin Powell

Oh, maybe one last secret…

If you want to stay motivated day after day, then you must make the pain of not following through with your daily goals real… as in penalize yourself. One example is to give away money (or something you need or love) to someone or a cause you don’t like.

You could for example decide that any day you fail to meet your daily goals you will give away $5 or $10, or $100 (or an equivalent value in your local currency). The higher the value attached, the more effective will be the penalty.

But remember that for this trick to work you should not make the mistake of giving the money to someone you love.

Instead you should give the money (or whatever you pledged) to someone who doesn’t deserve it. If it’s someone you really dislike, that works even better.

To make this even more effective you can try posting a picture of the person who will receive these “donations”, or the charity, if you picked an organization, on your wall as a daily reminder of the pain of not following through with your goals…

It is also a good idea to post your compelling reasons for wanting to achieve this goal of yours where you can look at them daily… to ensure that at all times you are able to associate both pain and pleasure to keep you focused. This ensures that you have the power of motivation working for you.

Read these compelling reasons at least once a day.

I had promised at the beginning to give you some tips on time management and self-discipline… But on balance, let’s keep that for another course.

This is the end of the self motivation course… Take action… dominate and conquer.

Next Steps…

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