African Fitness: The Best Home Workout/Exercise Videos on Youtube have curated a list of the best home workout, home fitness video channels on Youtube for their readers that I feel I should share with you. LiveExercise is especially good:

“I like this channel because it’s not edited down. You can see when the trainers are struggling or are out of breath. This is very motivating because it’s human. I feel like they are really having the same challenges that I am. I also love that they have a whole series of videos for people with limited mobility.”


The other Youtube channels are a rich selection of videos that should cover most needs for Africans, beginners or those who are more advanced, who want to exercise at home:

Are you a fan of workout DVDs and you want to use workouts from their favorite exercise celebrities?

Do you need advanced workouts that can be done at home, or short, effective, intense workouts that you can do at home or in the gym?

One of the channels covers dance workouts that “are fun, but make no mistake… they will really make you sweat.”

Check out the article here: “Best YouTube Channels For Getting A Serious Workout At Home This Winter”

Uterine Fibroids Most Common Cause of Hysterectomy for African Women?

African-American women are three times more likely to develop uterine fibroids, research indicates. Sadly, according to a article, research into this condition is still wanting, because,

“One of the issues with fibroid research is that, because it’s built as a disease process that mostly affects black women, in the sphere of research there just aren’t that many people who will consider it an immediate problem they face every day like heart attack or stroke,” explained Dr. Janice M. Newsome, MD, Interventional Radiologist, Assistant Professor of Radiology at Emory University, and Director of Interventional Services at Emory University Hospital Midtown in Atlanta, Ga.

Most women with uterine fibroids have no symptoms. However, fibroids can cause a number of symptoms depending on their size, location within the uterus, and how close they are to adjacent pelvic organs. These are most commonly abnormal bleeding, pain and pressure. Source –

The HuffingtonPost article indicated that “when it comes to racial diversity, fibroid research has taken a backseat.” For a condition as serious as this should be very worrying to governments and researchers in Africa.

Women who do have symptoms of uterine fibroids often find fibroids hard to live with. Some have pain and heavy menstrual bleeding:

African American women are nearly three times more likely to develop uterine fibroids and suffer with severe symptoms like heavy menstrual bleeding, anemia, and pelvic pain. From interfering with daily activities to negatively affecting intimate relationships, fibroids have a much more dramatic impact on black women in comparison to women of other races.

Are uterine fibroids linked to hair relaxers?

“The truth is, we don’t know enough about why fibroids affect African American women,” Dr. Newsome clarified. “For example, is it scientifically sound to link the use of hair relaxers and fibroids in African American women or is it simply a correlation because African American women tend to use hair relaxers? Yes, the science shows that these women are affected disproportionately than all other women. But just because a black woman carries a certain amount of melanin in her skin doesn’t answer why it’s happening.”

There is this frightening claim that,

“Among African American women, having fibroids is almost considered the norm,” Dr. Newsome told Ask4UFE. “We develop fibroids at an earlier age and have more severe symptoms so it’s difficult to know what’s unacceptable when you’re a black girl who has a 10-day long period just like your mom, aunt, and cousins—then what’s really abnormal?”

Uterine fibroids are such a common problem among African-American women, but fibroids typically are not cancerous, although they are responsible for a large number of unnecessary hysterectomies (surgery to remove the uterus)

“It’s 2016 and as a black doctor myself who treats fibroids, I see a lot of women who come in and say their doctor told them they needed a hysterectomy and that it was their only choice,” Dr. Newsome said. “We, as the medical community, need to change this—especially since black women are more likely to experience complications after surgery.”

For African women, if you suspect that you may have uterine fibroids, here is some advice:

Educate yourself about fibroids, and do not accept surgery as the only option.


Natural Skincare Africa: 7 African Skincare Brands for Natural, Organic Beauty Products

natural african skincare

Introducing all-natural, organic African skincare top brands. Brands such as Malée, Ilera Apothecary, Africology, Oriki, Ajali Handmade Naturals, SOiL, and Savane have come up with a line of beauty products designed specifically for Africa.

“Natural and organic skincare is all the rage now, and the African skincare industry isn’t getting left behind. We’re seeing a lot of brands incorporate organic products into their line, and new, all-natural brands are popping up every other day. From the STYLVO team, here are 7 African skincare brands that are worth knowing.” Source – 7 African Skin Care Brands Worth Knowing.

natural african skincare

Many African women have and continue to contract dangerous skin diseases for using sub-standard beauty products or products containing dangerous chemicals such as the hydroquinone used in skin lightening creams.

With the introduction of all natural organic beauty products designed for Africans by Africans we can hope that this will become a thing of the past. The question now is price – are these brands affordable by the majority of African women looking for safe, effective, african skin whitening cream, lightening soap, foundation, and the whole range of beauty products?

Why not check them out yourself? Here are the links

Africology, a line of luxurious, natural and eco-friendly products,which are fragranced with only pure essential oils

Ajali, an all-natural, handmade skincare company in Nigeria. Their products are made using ingredients mostly indigenous to West Africa

Ilera Apothecary, a family business. I think this actually plays a key role in the production of their health and personal care products. All Ilera Apothecary products are made from naturally sourced ingredients, including shea butter and fragrances like Lavender and Jasmine Oil

Malée, a range of healthy, premium skincare products created in South Africa and made with 100% natural active ingredients

Oriki, a luxurious skin care brand that gives you value for your buck.Their beauty and grooming products are made with natural ingredients that have been scientifically proven to have amazing effects on the skin

Savane, an organic skincare company committed to ethical production practices, organic formulations and sustainability. All Savane products are made with African oils to care for your skin, and some of the active ingredients include Cape Snowbush oil, Kalahari Melon Seed Oil and Marula Seed Oil.

SOiL, a range of organic aromatherapy and skincare products born out of a family-managed, organic essential oil farming operation in South Africa.

Happy, healthy African skincare!

No Gym No Sweat: 10 Effective Home Fitness Exercise Routines

For many people starting a new exercise routine they want to work out from home. This can be due to many reasons. You may not feel comfortable going to a gym yet. You may not have the correct equipment or no clothes to wear. Or you just could have time constraints that keep you at home.

If this is the case for you then there are plenty of exercise choices for you. You can easily pick up an exercise DVD and pop this in at home and then exercise when you can.

When choosing an exercise program think about what you are interested in. Do you want to learn yoga, Zumba dance or even belly dancing? Exercise can and should be fun!

If you are serious about exercising but cannot afford a gym membership you could at least get a copy of an exercise DVD or video and follow along. I have linked to some Youtube videos for the 10 home fitness routines described in this article. Those should get you started…

You don’t even have to go out and purchase anything to start exercising at home, and this shoud be good news for African fitness, given the lack of resources. You can design your own fitness routine by combining some cardio with strength or resistance training.

Here’s an example:

Cardio – 20 minutes.

Pick one or two of the routines below and clock up 20 minutes of cardio (Definition of cardio: cardiovascular exercise.any type of exercise that causes the heart to beat faster and harder for a period of time. basically, heart strengthening exercises)

Jumping jacks

Demonstrated in this video,



Jumping rope in the basement or outside

Demonstrated in this video,



Walking up and down your basement stairs or any stairs that are available to you (preferably 2 at a time)

Dancing to music

Running in place (or running on the spot)

Jogging out on the street may not be an option for most in Africa. If it’s still “un-gentlemanly” or “unladylike” to jog in public where you live, or for security reasons, try running in place at home.  (You may try front foot running to tone your lower leg muscles)

Watch the demo in this video,


This next video demonstrates the benefits of front foot running, especially if you are overweight. Some overweight  people may be afraid to run assuming that running with excessive body weight is damaging to the joints.  This could be true if heel striking, but it is not the case if you take to forefoot running

Obese people apparently,  “may experience less aches, pain, and injuries by avoiding heel strike when running. The good news is obese runners run safer with forefoot running than with heel strike running because forefoot running reduces body loads and protects the knees.” Source:

Strength training – 2 times a week for about 20 minutes

Sit ups

Here is a video demonstrating this workout, How to do a sit up;



Push ups against the wall

Watch how its done in this Youtube video,



Wall squats

This video shows how to do a wall squat or the wall sqauts workout technique,



Leg raises

Leg raises can help tone stomach muscles, fight belly fat, and many other benefits.

How to do leg raises? Watch the demo in the video below;



Lifting light weights – use soup cans or water bottles

You can mix and match the exercises until your find a routine that works for you and are comfortable with. As the exercises become easy add some more or increase your weights. For cardio try to increase the length of time or your intensity level as it becomes easier.

Working out from home has a couple of benefits with the main benefit being that you don’t have to pay for a gym membership. You also don’t have to worry about buying fancy gym clothes either. On the downside you may find that it is harder to make yourself motivated each day and you might get lonely working out alone.

As you can see there are many workout routines that you can do from home. You definitely have no reason not to exercise. Dig down deep inside you and discover why you want to start exercising and write these reasons down. Post them in a place where you can read them every day and use your reasons as a motivator.

How to Find the Motivation to Lose Weight & Belly Fat

If you take all the champions in the history of all sports in the universe, you will see that while they may have differences, they all have one thing in common: they were motivated to win. Without the motivation, without having a reason for which to fight and win, these people simply wouldn’t have done what they did.

The exact same thing goes for weight loss: if you do not have the motivation to lose weight, if you don’t have a reason for which to keep on making sacrifices, then you simply won’t be able to go through with it, as the whole process will seem like an exercise in futility to you.

Of course, finding motivation can be hard, especially in today’s world where we all come home tired after long days of work, only to be reminded that we still need to make efforts and sacrifices instead of just relaxing and doing as we please.

Nevertheless, the reality is that if you aren’t going to make the effort to lose weight, you will keep on gaining it, and eventually you will start to develop health problems. For starters, the amount of cholesterol in your blood is going to increase, clogging your arteries and possibly causing a heart attack.

The amount of fat around the heart is going to increase as well, making you prone to developing CHD (coronary heart disease). As if that wasn’t enough, the more fat tissue you have, the higher chance you have of developing cancerous tumors.

If knowing all of that still doesn’t give you the motivation to lose weight, then chances are that you don’t really believe you can go through with it and make a difference for yourself.

You either believe that you are simply doomed to being overweight, or that losing weight is something you cannot achieve as it requires more effort than you can possibly give. If this is actually the case (and deep down inside you know whether or not it is), then you need to tap into an external source of motivation: weight loss support groups and forums.

While this may sound like a tired cliché, there are people out there who have managed to lose dozens, sometimes even hundreds of pounds; hearing their stories and seeing those people for yourself, what they looked like before and after the transformation, will allow you to truly know that not only is weight loss possible, but that people who were in a worse condition than you have succeeded at it.

Also, you shouldn’t shy away from online forums dedicated to people losing weight as you will be able to easily interact with other people who are having the same struggle as you are, as well as others who have managed to deal with it. You won’t even have to reveal your identity or show your face when talking with these people, meaning you needn’t be anxious about anyone being judgmental.

In the end though, whether or not you are going to find the motivation to lose weight hinges on the real reason as to why you want to drop the pounds. If all you want to do is be able to take off your shirt at the beach a couple of times, then yes, it will be hard to find the motivation to make all the necessary sacrifices.

However, if you feel as if you are digging yourself into an early grave with the way you have been eating and not exercising, then it’s pretty much guaranteed nothing will stop you from losing your weight. offers a FREE self-motivation course that will hopefully help you find the motivation to lose weight & belly fat, and live healthy; and to find success with all your other goals. To get started with the course, Click Here.