Overweight Africa: The Search for Thin African Celebrities

I was inspired recently to write pictorial piece on thin African celebrities after reading about this legendary evergreen African American woman, and so I entered the search in Google, that is, “thin African celebrities” hoping to compile a list for this healthy living African blog. You can’t believe how shocked I was! The most relevant search according to Google was this compound photo:

african skinny celebrities

Lately in the West celebrities are shaping the weight loss agenda, and so I was looking for local color to maybe kick start the revolution back home.

The nearest relevant search result was this spare photo of Lupita Nyongo, which was a big disappointment because I wanted a good shot for the African weight loss campaign.

Anyway, back to the weight loss agenda for Africa, we seem to have very few role models everywhere you look. Many of our politicians are either obese or overweight and just like they have failed to tackle corruption, they are ill-equipped to advise the population about weight loss matters – with two possible exceptions: Robert Mugabe (who at 90 plus can only shrink) and Paul Kagame (who could still be recovering from post-traumatic stress)…

You also have to exclude the police in this campaign as they are some of the worst offenders. And the military are away keeping the fragile peace across the continent – in Congo, CAR, Somalia….and soon coming to a place near you.

That leaves our celebrities to spear head the African weight loss war.

Shape.com published an article I referred to earlier, with the title,”Celebrity Weight Loss: Did These Stars Get Too Thin?“. This article got me thinking and I came to the conclusion that maybe what we need in Africa is to get too skinny? Given our notorious so-called “thrifty genes”, our fad for fast food, our poor exercise culture, getting skinny could be the counter-weight to obesity that our teens currently need!

If you know a skinny African celebrity let me know in the comments so that I can enlist him/her for the campaign.