African Child Rearing: Link Between Child-Raising and Economic Problems

Child-raising, The African Model

There’s a correlation between how we raise kids in Africa and economic growth: We put limitations on children in Africa and raise them in an environment of fear and blind obedience. Most children are forced to pursue the passions of their parents and not theirs resulting in wasted talents (since everyone wants to be a doctor or lawyer). They are forced to embrace the ideologies of their parent rather than develop theirs; questioning issues objectively is regarded as either disobedience or disrespectful to elders. They are trained to identify with their tribes and clans rather than their nation yet expect the nation to work for them but refuse to answer the question “who is the nation?

Indoctrination and Imposition of Faith

We impose faith on them and indoctrinate them to believe that every problem is spiritual and must be solved through prayers. In fact, we teach them to demonize anything that is not in accordance with faith. Faith helps one to live a purpose-driven life and inculcate values. However, if you look around us you wonder if faith had ever really achieved any positive change in Africa since we are still bedeviled with same old problems. Our style of faith in Africa emphasize to young people that jobs, financial progress, travel visas, health, and solutions to life’s problems are achieved through ‘miracles’ thereby undermining creativity, innovations, research, merit and hard work. Have you noticed that if an American child needs school admission, health checkup, or emergency problems, he/she begins to make calls to experts, agencies, researching on the internet filling and mailing out forms? However his/her African counterpart will go to either a mosque or church and fast with the clergy for 40 days and 40 nights, where the problem is usually blamed on one Wizard or ancestral curses.

Child-Raising: A Suggested Alternative Model

Children MUST be trained to follow their passion to develop their talents early in life because success is achieved through talent development not faith. Faith only reinforces actions. Children who go on to become successful in life are vocal and never suppressed by anyone. They are thought to excel on merit because only those who stand out get noticed. They must keep researching and updated on information, skills, career, and current trends because no one is going to solve their problems without cost except themselves. Every success comes with a sacrifice. Claiming someone’s blessing on the internet is ‘e-stealing’, and expecting God to drop blessing from sky is laziness. Tell them the truth!


In general, an economy that is clan-based, faith-based doesn’t grow because it results in weak intuitions and lazy citizens who no longer believe in merit, hard work and problem-solving. It’s self-exterminating.

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