Breastfeeding Can Help Prevent Breast Cancer in African Women

breastfeeding and breast cancer

It has been known for long that breastfeeding is good for babies. And now it turns out, breastfeeding can help prevent breast cancer for African-American (read Black) women.

Breast cancer is one of those deadly diseases to which African women are especially at risk. According to the Huffington Post,

We’ve known for some time that African-American women are more likely than all other ethnicities to be diagnosed with breast cancer at a younger age and with disease that is more advanced stage. African-American women are also much more likely to die from breast cancer than any other group of women.

breastfeeding and breast cancer

But now there is this good news. If we can convince more African mothers to breastfeed instead of giving their babies baby formula we will be killing two birds with one stone…

For those African-American women who are premenopausal and considering having children, there is another important risk-reducing step: Breastfeeding can help reduce the risk of breast cancer, including the most aggressive types of breast cancer for which treatment options are limited.

The combination of maintaining a healthy weight, getting regular exercise, and — if possible — breastfeeding can help African-American women lower their risk of breast cancer and provide significant protection against the most aggressive forms of the disease.

Breastfeeding currently is not terribly popular among young African mothers for a number of reasons. Most working mothers may feel it isn’t even practical. But now they have reasons to reconsider.

There have been reports of fake baby formula on the market, and a lot of it no doubt ends up in Africa. This time let’s not kill two birds with one stone – let’s save two African lives!


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