African Mango Secrets

African Mango Helps You Lose Weight and Burn Fat

African mango has been a popular choice in the struggle against obesity for over 200 years in its native Africa. Though it has only recently been introduced in America, it is showing great promise in the field of weight loss and overall health. Clinical tests have proven it to be potent, efficient, and one of the safest and most natural weight loss products available today.

The African mango comes from a tree that grows in or around Cameroon in Africa. It has been proven to be a successful and non harmful way of fighting obesity and other illnesses that are associated with being overweight. Its extraordinary appetite suppression is one of the reasons it serves so well in this capacity.

African Mango Increase Your Energy Levels

African Mango also increases the body’s production of Adiponectin which is a hormone that provides many benefits when it is present in large quantities. In addition to controlling the absorption of sugars, Adiponectin increases the body’s rate of metabolism. Adiponectin can reduce the likelihood of developing heart disease by preventing the inflammation of blood vessels and by raising levels of good cholesterol.

It also changes food calories into energy instead of stored fat. So, you can reap many benefits including having a healthier heart, improved circulation, more energy, more good and less bad cholesterol, and a slimmer body.

African Mango Suppresses Your Appetite

Not only does it promote good cholesterol, but it can eradicate bad cholesterol. African mango has a high soluble fiber content which is instrumental in eliminating bad cholesterol from the body and also fats and toxic materials from the walls of the colon.

It has also been shown through results of clinical trials and tests that it suppresses the hormones that regulate hunger and the feeling of fullness by increasing production of leptin. Obese people will feel hungry most of the time because they have low levels of leptin.

African Mango Research

Recent research and studies of the benefits of using African mango, suggest that the extract aids the body in breaking down fat cells at an increased speed. This rate is considered significant when compared to the fat cell reduction pace experienced with the practice of diet and exercise alone. Studies indicate that African mango also slows down the growth of fat cells, which assists users of the supplement maintain their weight loss results long term.

Many of the participants in these studies also touted significant increases in their metabolism rates. Some study participants bodies showed a drastic reduction in carbohydrate absorption into their metabolic systems. African mango has been proven to have a high level of fiber contained in it, and helps the body naturally cleanse itself of toxins, which can influence weight loss levels.

Results likes these, is what has caused off-season athletes to become firm believers in the miracles of African mango’s weight loss power to help shed pounds quickly. Individuals such as these need to maintain and store massive energy. Seasonally they often must over consume complex carbohydrates, which can cause unwanted pounds to remain once their tasks are achieved.

Diet and Exercise Alone Are Not Enough

Millions of people have difficulty maintaining their weight in attempts to stave off the curse of obesity. Unfortunately, this is not an easy task, and for people that are already considered overweight, losing it is even more trying.

Diet and exercise are not always enough, but they are certainly one of the most beneficial supplements to any weight loss routine. Sometimes, genetics and body structure just do not benefit weight loss attempts, no matter how hard one tries.

Other factors not related to poor diet or lack of exercise that may cause problems with weight loss, are stress and vitamin deficiencies. Stress causes the body to build up a chemical called cortisol, which increases fat stored in the stomach region. Vitamin deficiencies do not allow the body to heal properly when stressed, and actually slow down the body’s digestive process and causes energy levels to be decreased.

African mango, also known as Irvingia Gabonesis, has taken the world of dieting by surprise, with one success story after another. Even America’s favorite doctor swears that African mango is a “miracle” in the realm of weight loss assistance products. Recently on his show, he touted this natural extract as a must have accessory in any dieter’s medicine cabinet.

Why Should You Try African Mango Now?

African Mango has been proven to control the appetite, consume fat and raise metabolism, and regulate the hormone leptin. It is also deemed to be safe and effective more so than any other weight loss products. All of these are convincing reasons why you should give African Mango a try.


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