A Quit Smoking Hypnosis Exercise

Here is a quit smoking hypnosis exercise you can use to stop smoking. Try it, because it might just help you in utilizing your mind power to stop smoking for good like it has helped many other tobacco addicted people. Reading the text and doing the quit smoking exercise at the same time is very impractical, so I recommend that you read the text aloud while you tape it. Play the tape each time you’re doing this stop smoking exercise. The exercise combines traditional self hypnosis with NPL or Neuro Linguistic Programming.

Sit or lie down, relax and close your eyes “Now I am in a future moment when I no longer smoke. I can see my environment, I can hear the sounds, smell the smells and feel all my emotions. I have no cravings for cigarettes. This seems real, this is real.

I’m now taking a trip on my future time line to a time when I have completely forgotten about smoking, where not smoking does not bother me a at all. I’m now looking back on the time line and I remember how easy it was for me to stop smoking, how amazed I felt when I realized that I stopped having any craving for tobacco, and after that I never gave smoking another thought.

Now, I can feel the freedom I have without tobacco, how great I feel when I am no longer owned by cigarettes. My thoughts are my own. I am free to choose what I want to do and where I want to go, without the thought of smoking cigarettes coming into my thoughts. I want to stay here in this moment of no smoking for a long time and when I go back I will let my mind take these future moments of no tobacco cravings back with me.”

Now, you create the anchor for these future non-smoking resources: Press your thumb and index finger together on your right hand and hold it for a few seconds.

“Now I am even farther in the future, and now I don’t even think about smoking at all. This is very real.” Anchor your good smoke-free feelings again with your thumb and index finger for a few seconds.

Now, the touch of the thumb and index finger connects the good smoke-free feeling in your brain.

Now, bring yourself back to the present moment while you are still holding your thumb and index finger together. You have now made an anchor for the state of being a non-smoker. Repeat this anti smoking hypnotic exercise until it works instantly.

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